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Age: 34 yrs | Height: 5ft 3in - (160cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: PhD / Post Doctoral | Education-Field: Science | Occupation:

Dont know

Age: 33 yrs | Height: 5ft 8in - (173cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Fine Arts | Occupation: Accounting Professional (Others)

m professional accountant job at local city Rajpura, Note:- my birth time is not confirm.

Age: 28 yrs | Height: 5ft 9in - (175cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Computer/IT | Occupation:

my name is manjeet its very hard to describe, all i want is krsna hari bol

Age: 40 yrs | Height: 5ft 5in - (165cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Doctorate | Education-Field: Science | Occupation: Professor

We are seeking a suitable alliance for our son who is confident, and sensibly modern but prefers to stick to the traditional values and inclined more towards spirituality. After completing doctorate from IIT Kanpur in the stream of chemistry and spending two years in Germany, Berlin as a research scientist, and few years at Purdue University, USA in the field of cancer and inflammatory diseases, presently he is assistant professor at IIT Indore. He is very much easy going, socially poised, love and living a life prescribed in vedic scriptures, well-versed in upanishads, and all schools of vedic thoughts, philosopher by passion. We are looking for a well qualified bride with a good family background. We expect her to be a simple girl with good values, spiritually inclined, jovial and could stay as a good companion for him in all walks of his life.

Age: 55 yrs | Height: 5ft 4in - (162cm) | Country: United States | Education-Level: Bachelors degree | Education-Field: Finance | Occupation:

Age: 34 yrs | Height: 5ft 3in - (160cm) | Country: United Kingdom | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Advertising/Marketing | Occupation: Artist (Others)

Hare Krishna dear devotees, I enjoy Harinaam, devotee association, reading Srila Prabhupada's books, kirtan, music, going on retreats, walking, swimming and helping others.

Suniti - Gori
Age: 34 yrs | Height: 5ft 4in - (162cm) | Country: United Kingdom | Education-Level: No answer | Education-Field: Management | Occupation:

Age: 31 yrs | Height: 5ft 8in - (173cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Engineering/Technology | Occupation: Army

Hare Krishna I am an Army Officer and was born and brought up in an Army background.I was introduced to KC in Sep 2010.Since then I have been following all the regulative principles and now I am chanting 16 rounds.

Age: 35 yrs | Height: 5ft 7in - (170cm) | Country: United States | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Engineering/Technology | Occupation: Software Developer / Programmer

Hare Krishna!! I have been into Krishna Conscious for about 2 years. I have been recently chanting about 16 rounds. Hopefully, I will soon make more progress. I graduated with a Masters in Applied Mathematics and Computers from a reputed state university. I work for a financial firm as an Analyst. Prior to that, I worked in western Europe and Canada. I have a BS in Engineering. I was fortunate to have a temple close to the university campus where I studied. Now, I reside close to the temple. During my free time, I serve in the temple, help in cooking Sunday feast. I am lucky to have association of wonderful devotees and Srila Prabhupada's disciples. Recently, I have been attending a lot of ISKCON programs. Apart from this, I enjoy reading, Kirtan, running, learning to play music.

Age: 38 yrs | Height: 5ft 5in - (165cm) | Country: Italy | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Education | Occupation:


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