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Age: 27 yrs | Height: 5ft 8in - (173cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Administrative/Services | Occupation: Student

I am simple living and high thinking. plane and perfect attitude. and i love my work and serve other who is capable.

Age: 31 yrs | Height: 5ft 9in - (175cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Engineering/Technology | Occupation:

I am working as Process Engineer for Tebodin consultants

My sweet lord Krishna
Age: 39 yrs | Country: India | Occupation:

Age: 39 yrs | Height: 5ft 6in - (167cm) | Country: United States | Education-Level: Doctorate | Education-Field: Medicine | Occupation: Doctor

My friends would describe me as a warm, full of life, hardworking and generous individual. Things that I value in life include family, friendship, sprituality, honesty and leading a healthy life style. Professionally, I am a physician working in New York. Besides work, I enjoy running, dancing, listening to music, going to gym, yoga and traveling. I'm looking for someone who is family orientated, affectionate, thoughtful and intelligent. Please respond with photo-thanks!

Age: 37 yrs | Country: United States | Occupation:

Age: 42 yrs | Height: 5ft 6in - (167cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Associate degree | Education-Field: Nursing/Health Science | Occupation:

Age: 37 yrs | Height: 5ft 4in - (162cm) | Country: Australia | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Education | Occupation: Admin Professional

Hare Krishna. I've been living in the brahmacarini ashram for almost 4 years. I'm very serious in devotional life, but I love to have fun and laugh.

Age: 31 yrs | Height: 5ft 10in - (178cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Law | Occupation: Company Secretary

I am philosophical, interactive and joyful fellow. I am a Law graduate, Company Secretary & CPA from USA. I like to read, cook, discuss Krsna Consciousness Philosophy, Traveling, Gymnasium. I also have strong interest in music (currently learning Harmonium) & play Mrdanga. Much more to come.

Age: 29 yrs | Height: 5ft 4in - (162cm) | Country: Russia | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Architecture | Occupation: Interior Designer

Hare Krishna! I enjoy my life in KC for last 10 years. l value honesty and intelligence, kindness and confidence. I try to be friendly with everyone, I like to talk and I like to listen, but I`m not open with people whom I don`t know deeply.

Age: 29 yrs | Country: India | Occupation:

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