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Age: 33 yrs | Height: 5ft 7in - (170cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Computer/IT | Occupation:

Qualification: Schooling and Graduation from Delhi MBA (IT) –PGDM from Symbiosis, Pune Technically I possess IT Diplomas and International Certificates like OCP, OCAP (Oracle) – MCP, MCSE, MCDBA, MCSA, MCTS (Microsoft) Preferences: I believe in simple living and high thinking, I love chanting, listening lectures, kirtana, visiting temples on regular basis, having delicious Prasad at Govindas. Work Experience: Currently I am working with Microsoft as a Software Engineer located at Bangalore, I have total 4.5 yrs work experience; worked with Avon Beauty Products (Indian HO) for around 3.5 yrs and then joined California Creative Solution for around 6 months and finally joined Microsoft Bangalore R&D.

Age: 27 yrs | Height: 5ft 5in - (165cm) | Country: United States | Education-Level: Doctorate | Education-Field: Medicine | Occupation: Pharmacist

Our daughter Bhakti is a simple devotee girl. She is friendly, respectful, mild-mannered and responsible.

Age: 28 yrs | Height: 4ft 11in - (150cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Computer/IT | Occupation: Software Developer / Programmer

My sister is a simple, caring person. She works with one of the top IT company in Bangalore.

Age: 40 yrs | Height: 5ft 5in - (165cm) | Country: Malaysia | Education-Level: High school | Occupation:

Haribol,I\'m lonely and i need a devotee to talk about krsna and his pass time.Mail to me and i will tell more about myself.we also can be good devotee friends.

Age: 41 yrs | Country: India | Occupation:

Age: 42 yrs | Country: India | Occupation:

Age: 28 yrs | Height: 5ft 7in - (170cm) | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Engineering/Technology | Occupation: Student

Age: 26 yrs | Height: 5ft 4in - (162cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Bachelors degree | Education-Field: Computer/IT | Occupation:

Hare Krishna and thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I came in contact with Krishna consciousness 2 years back. I am an emotionally very sensitive person & smile is always there on my face.

Age: 44 yrs | Height: 5ft 5in - (165cm) | Country: United Kingdom | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Education | Occupation:

I like to read, and study, play flute and paint and take photographs. I do service at the temple as well.

Age: 32 yrs | Country: India | Occupation:

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