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Age: 27 yrs | Height: 5ft 9in - (175cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Science | Occupation: Business Owner / Entrepreneur

I am a Thinking mind, in early stage of Krsna Consciousness. Right now into Real-estate and construction Business, based in Agra. I also define myself as Photographer...Experimenter...Innovator...Thinker...Philosopher....Businessman.

Age: 51 yrs | Height: 5ft 11in - (180cm) | Country: United States | Education-Level: Some College | Education-Field: Fine Arts | Occupation:

I am a quiet and gentle soul, a friend of all as well as a friend to the cows. A drummer and writer..with a creative side that flows like the Jamuna when inspired. I am at times when Krishna desires, in Hollywood Working in television or film...the past decade or so.

Age: 40 yrs | Height: 5ft 5in - (165cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Management | Occupation:

Age: 39 yrs | Height: 5ft 8in - (173cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Engineering/Technology | Occupation:

I prefer places with fresh air, where I may associate with devotees. I like to do all homework by self: electrician works, plumbing, automotive repairing, house repairing, landscape remodeling and etc.

Age: 31 yrs | Height: 5ft 7in - (170cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Law | Occupation: IAS / IRS / IES / IFS

working at government

Age: 27 yrs | Height: 5ft 5in - (165cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Arts | Occupation: Human Resources Professional


Age: 28 yrs | Country: Australia | Occupation:

Age: 29 yrs | Height: 5ft 7in - (170cm) | Country: Belarus | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Publishing | Occupation:

I am feminine,gentle and soft. And at the same time a serios devotee of Lord Krsna. I love to chant my rounds and to dip into the lifes of great vaishnava saints and in Srila Prabhupada's mood and mercy He gave us through His books. I have a soft heart and love cows so my main service is connected with the development of ISKCON rural comunities and with cow protection so I am travelling a lot around Europe and Russian countries. Now I am living in Mayapur. I love Mayapur. I like to create loving atmosphere and peace arond me. I like to swim,healthy food,country life,sport, heart conversations and hugs. I am giving myself to my friends and into serving others. I love vaishnavas,they are so wise!I am a great fan of Giriraj.He is my life and soul.The main goal of my life is Krsna and I am sure that any girl can make progress in this direction only by surrender and by serving her beloved spiritually mature and sensitive husband. I value your and my time very much.Let use it wisely. Jaya Radhe!

Age: 35 yrs | Height: 5ft 4in - (162cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Office Administration | Occupation:

I love engaging myself in doing deity service, listening to Kirtan, reading Prabhupada books and trying to follow his instructions to the best of my ability. On the material front, I am a Science graduate with GNIIT qualification, currently working with my father (helping him in business).

Age: 36 yrs | Occupation:

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