Grihasta FAQ

When was this site launched? was launched on Gaura purnima\'07 (March 03, 2007)

Which browser do you recommend?

We recommend Google Chrome. You may also use IE or Firebbox if it is a latest version.

How is the procedure of registration at

Simply go to Click on register and fill in the basic details correctly. Then you will receive an activation email to the email id you used to register (if you have a gmail account that you use often, we prefer that). Once you activate your account, you will login with your user name and password and then complete your profile by going to 'Edit Profile'. You may then choose to be a paid member (by going to 'Subscribe' at the bottom left of the page after you login). A paid member can message other members.

How can I update my profile?

After you login with your user name and password, just go to 'Edit Profile'. Make sure to fill all mandatory fields in one section before proceeding to the next section.

How to contact other members?
If you are a Free member you can respond to messages of paid members
If you are a paid member you can directly send messages to any member. You can go to 'Subscribe' at the bottom of the left corner after login to become a paid member.

What is manglik dosha (\'defect\')? How does it affect married life?

One of the most important factors in horoscope based matrimony is consideration of Mangal or Mangalik Dosha in the boy\'s or girl\'s kundli (horoscope).

Manglik Dosha means the planet Mars is posited in 1st, 2nd, 12th, 4th, 7th and 8th house in a horoscope from lagna, Moon or Venus. If a person is not manglik and the spouse is manglik, the spouse will have dominating influence over that person.

The overall effect of manglik dosa will remain till the native crosses 28th year of life. After that, its effect gets minimized, but not removed. Also, there are many cases where there is a cancellation of manglik dosa. In such cases, the matching of horoscopes for marriage purposes should be with the same kind; i.e. manglik with manglik; non-manglik with non-manglik; and manglik getting cancellation with manglik getting cancellation.

Who is a grihasta? What is grihasta ashrama?

Grhastha, or householder life (grha - household), is the second spiritual stage (asrama) in the varnasrama system. During this time the grhastha lives together with his wife and children in their house and leads a religious (dharma) and productive (artha) life which enables a certain amount of enjoyment (kama). Grhastha asrama is the only economically productive asrama and therefore the householders have to support other asramas by giving charity (dana) in exchange for spiritual knowledge. Another duty of householders is hospitality to guests (especially by distributing food).

The purpose of grhastha life is to become gradually detached, renounce the material life and adopt the retired life of vanaprastha. The scriptures distinguish between grhastha (one who lives a householder life according to the scriptures), and grhamedhi (attached, materialistic householder who misuses his material facilities for unlimited sensual enjoyment). The first one is praised because he follows the path of spiritual elevation but the other is condemned.

"A householder may approach his wife for s## only at the time prescribed for begetting children. Otherwise, the householder should practice celibacy, austerity, cleanliness of mind and body, satisfaction in his natural position, and friendship toward all living entities. Worship of Me (Krsna) is to be practiced by all human beings, regardless of social or occupational divisions." (SB 11.18.43)

Further information: Manu-samhita (ch. 3,4,10) and quotes in the Srila Prabhupada Vani section.

What are the four regulative principles?

Initiated devotees vow to follow four regulative principles

These are : (i) No Eating of Meat, Fish or Eggs, (ii) No Gambling, (iii) No Intoxication, and (ii) No Illicit Sex

These regulative principles are based on the four pillars of religion: Truth (satyam or honesty); Austerity (tapah or self-discipline); cleanliness (saucam or purity) and mercy (daya or compassion). These regulative principles are an elementary concern in preparation for the pursuit of Bhakti Yoga. The more we learn about yoga, the more we will understand the importance of these four regulative principles.

How do I change my email address or password?

You can change your email address on the "edit your profile" page. Here you can change some other information including search preferences, address and other preferences about your daily routines, habits, hobbies etc. You can find this link in member panel menu, when you login. After you\'ve made your changes, click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save.

What is the purpose behind Instant Messenger, how do i get benefit from it?

This application is a faster way of communicating with other members of the site who are online. It lists all the members who are online. When you send message, recipient will receive message and would reply. If unfortunately recipient doesn\'t receive message for some reason, then that message will be send to his/her onsite message Inbox. This facility will be available to everyone till April 30, 2007 and only to Gold members after that period.

When someone emails me, where does the email go and how do I respond?

When a member sends you a note, it goes straight into your onsite message Inbox. We then send an email to your personal email address to let you know that it\'s there.

To read the note, simply login to the site and go to your Inbox. If you decide to write back, simply click "reply", write your own note and send away. Your note will go straight into the member\'s onsite Inbox, and we\'ll let them know it\'s there with an email to their personal email address.

All communications with other members stay onsite so that you never have to give out any personal information until you feel completely ready.

How do I edit my profile? How do I hide my profile?

To update your profile, click "Edit Profile" in Members Panel menu. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the screen when you\'re done.

Try to put your best foot forward with at least one photo and snappy, detailed essays about your interests. The photo is key since most people feel more comfortable writing to members they can see. Try to stay positive in your essays and let the real you shine.

To hide your profile, select "No" for the option "Other members can see when I\'m online?" on the "Edit Profile" page . Keep in mind, however, that members who are most active on the site keep their profile visible in all places because it ups their chances of connecting with people. And you never know, someone special may be looking for you and never get to find you if your profile is hidden.

When I suspend my membership, does it end my subscription? Can I put my subscription on hold?

No. Once you purchase a subscription, it will remain active for the remainder of your initial term.


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